Navigation Courses - Full Day

£90pp (minimum 2 per group)

 We run navigation courses designed to give you the skills needed to map read in the mountains with confidence.

Suitable for: complete beginners, some mountain experience but wanting to move to the next level, wanting to develop your night navigation skills, practice before your ML assessment?

Whatever level you are at we will help you to develop your skills through practical sessions in the mountains. This pace of learning will be at the level you feel comfortable with and the location will be matched to your level of fitness and previous experience. We will work through the following skills and see how far you progress.

  • Map symbols
  • Contours
  • Map scales and types of map
  • Features of a compass
  • Using a compass to ‘set’ the map
  • Using a compass to take a bearing
  • Techniques for walking accurately on a bearing
  • Aiming off when walking on a bearing
  • Factors to consider when selecting the best route
  • Measuring distances travelled using timings and pacing
  • Use of pre-printed cards to quickly work out timings for different distances
  • Using the ‘aspect of slope’ to help pin point your position
  • Use of back bearing to help pinpoint your position
  • Use of smart phones to help with navigation
  • Using Naismith’s rule to calculate how long it will take to complete a route you are planning
  • Navigating at night and in poor visibility

You might be a complete beginner or wanting to move your skills in navigation on to the next level.  Whatever level you are at we can spend time with you, out on the hill, helping you develop your skills.  Giving you the confidence to go it alone in all weathers.  

  • Qualified and experienced mountain guides to lead you through the course.
  • Guides will carry first aid kit and group shelters.
  • Maps and compasses.
  • Walking poles (Head torches at certain times of the year where there is a chance of walking in the dark).
  • Course and venue tailored to your individual needs.
  • Small group sizes.
  • Night navigation exercises if you feel you want to test your skills further.

The Mountain environment can have rocky terrain and the weather can be very challenging.  We have to allow for these extremes of weather and you really must make sure you turn up for the event with the following:

  • Footwear: boots are best and make sure they are waterproof.  Walking with wet socks will quickly soften and blister your feet.
  • Waterproof breathable jacket with a hood.  In heavy rain the hood is vital.
  • Waterproof breathable over-trousers (not just walking trousers).   Wearing shorts does not absolve you from having waterproof over-trousers. 
  • Warm hat and warm gloves.  Ski type are best.  Woollen gloves don’t stop the wind.  Waterproof gloves are best.
  • Have clothing you can layer.  Thin thermal or a tee-shirt then a fleece.  Cotton is a no-no on the hill.  When it gets wet it is heavy, will not dry out and sucks heat away from your body.  Synthetic fibres are much better. 
  • For the hot days – a sunhat to cover your ears and neck and nose, sunscreen (at least factor 30).
  • Water bottle or hydration system eg platypus, to carry at least 1 litre. 
  • Food for a day out on the hills plus emergency food.
  • A rucksack large enough to carry it all in but not a massive expedition bag.  Your bag will leak so put a plastic rubble sack inside your bag and put everything in this.
  • First Aid Kit – we will carry this but you will be expected to have plasters for blisters (Compeed are best).
  • We can supply trekking poles if you want them. 
  • We will also supply head torches for the sections walked in the dark. 

Clearly if it is a hot summer’s day we can re-evaluate the kit we will ask you to carry but please have it in your rucksack at the start.  The guide will make the decision as to what is needed based on their experience.

If you have any questions at all please let us know.  

What we will provide

Mountain Events Ltd. will provide trained, experienced instructors and leaders in a ratio appropriate to the group. We will provide any specialist equipment necessary for the activity. Drinks and food will be provided where specified. Details of all necessary clothing, footwear and equipment will be provided.

What you need

Your party needs to get to the agreed meeting point. All members of your group need to bring appropriate clothing, footwear, a change of clothing and a backpack to carry them in.

Confirmation of Booking and Payment

You confirm you’re booking by sending us a completed Booking Form and your deposit of 50% with the balance made 4 weeks prior to the event. If you are booking an event with less than 4 weeks’ notice then full payment is required. No contract is made until we acknowledge receipt of the Booking Form and payment.


If we cancel your activities through no fault of yours we will make a full refund or organise an alternative date.
Should you, or any of your group, be forced to cancel your booking, you must do so in writing. A cancellation will take effect from the date that written notice is received by us. Cancellation more than 28 days before the activity may result in a 20% administration fee being retained. We reserve the right to make no refund for a cancellation made within 28 days of the activity. If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of any holiday insurance policy you may be able to reclaim these charges from your insurer.

Conduct of Clients

Outdoor activities can be hazardous and it is important that all participants abide by any safety requirements that Mountain Events Ltd, or its representatives may consider advisable. Mountain Events Ltd. reserve the right to change, limit or cancel activities due to weather or to clients’ ability, equipment, behaviour or physical condition. In these circumstances we will try to offer an alternative but no refund can be given.

Participation Statement

Your acknowledgement of risk: All our activities take place in "the wild environment" and there are always risks in these places. These may be from rough terrain, weather, water, equipment, other people, or wildlife. You must accept that your actions will contribute to the level of your safety and that of our group.


Mountain Events Ltd. carry full public liability insurance, but we recommend you take out appropriate personal accident and cancellation insurance for your activity/course. If you already have insurance, please check it covers you for the activities you will be undertaking with Mountain Events Ltd.

Health, Fitness and Medical

You must have a level of fitness appropriate to the course or activity, which you are booking. You must inform us at the time of booking, or as soon as the case arises of any medical or non-medical conditions that might affect you or any other participant's safety and enjoyment. If you do not declare medical conditions on the booking form relevant to the course or activity being undertaken, we reserve the right to refuse your participation in the activity. All medical details will be treated in confidence.


All courses and activities take place in the mountain environment where the effect of the weather can be particularly severe, even during the summer. The weather can limit what we are able to do, and client safety is our first consideration. There may be occasions where we are unable to complete a planned course or activity due to the prevailing weather. In these circumstances we will try to offer an alternative but no refund can be given.


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